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Value Driven Transformation Coaching

Many forces drive the need for people and businesses to transform the way they do things. Technology has been one of the greatest driving forces in recent
times. It has revolutionized the way we do business and how it is part of us. Unfortunately, that same technology is beginning to hamper growth by getting in the way. It is hard to implement the right solutions, technology or otherwise, to drive successful value driven transformation. Our coaches work with you, your leaders and the business to drive balanced transformation. 


"Transformation is required for everyone and every business from time to time. The introduction of disruptors like technology forces the need. We assist in driving a positive transformation focused on value."
                                            - Michael Breckenridge, Big Box Coaching Coach



Transformation starts with the work that is done and the people that do it. Value-driven transformation changes the work stream and activities for the better, increasing morale, culture and people. Our coaches will help focus on the positive.  A question typically overlooked is how the transformation will affect the careers of people. Transformation is required to take advantage of new skills, tools, and techniques. Those also bring positive benefits to the careers of employees. 



  The ultimate goal of a successful transformation is to benefit the business making it stronger. Our coaches work with the business and leaders to ensure the transformation is defined, measured and a clear goal communicated. At the end of the process, you want to know what success looks like. 


Business transformations are unique in that they can start anywhere. Targeted transformation can impact a single business unit or product stream. A holistic change can target the whole organization to facilitate a turnaround. Our coaches normally start with defining the future. What does success look like at the end of the process? We can then help you define the targets of the transformation(s). The next steps are dependent on what future success needs to be. Our coaches have a breadth of knowledge so that we can help with external customer transformations, internal or even marketing & sales. We help you define, target and deliver positive value-driven business transformation. 


I tried several times to transform the operational model of my business without success. Finally, I decided I had to work outside my box and get help to get things moving. 

 Technology is driving every business to do more with less. I had to transform my business and utilize technology smarter. Employees were happier and more engaged because of it.
I never thought that transforming the way we did things would have such a huge impact. By balancing transformation with strategy and business planning success came easier, it was amazing.