Big Box Coaching

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Coaching that is Simple, Easy & Fun

  1. We set up a free consultation call, typically 1 hour and over the phone. 
  2. We deliver a customized report from our meeting and explain our coaching approach
  3. Together we schedule your coaching sessions around your time and contact preference. 
  4. We invoice through PayPal after each coaching session and after we deliver your notes. 

When you become a Big Box Coaching client, we create a custom deliverable repository (storage) and client website. All coaching reports and deliverables are saved and easily accessible through a web browser like Chrome


Coaching sessions can be held in any way that is most convenient for you. We can even customize the approach ay anytime even having impromptu meetings as needed. 


We have partnered with PayPal to give you the most choice of how to pay for invoicing. For coaching packages, you can even pay over time, with no interest for 12 months, for those that qualify.