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Value Driven Business Partnerships

Business and Information Technology departments have historically struggled to align around the value that technology solutions bring. Business teams want immediate tangible value, while IT teams strive to deliver innovation and empower the business to work for efficiently. The two needs aren't mutually exclusive there is just a value gap that needs to be filled so both areas work towards a common goal. 

Our coaches have decades of experience assisting business teams effectively engage their IT teams and enabling IT teams to communicate value to business teams. It all starts with defining a common ground and defining the needs of the business in terms of identifying problems and challenges. From that common ground technology solutions can be researched, defined and measured against the problem statements. 

To assist with defining the value that IT teams bring the business we employ a Run-Grow-Transform formula. This is used to categorize problems into specific areas for action and investment. Our coaches work with the business and IT teams to plan this approach out and ensure its successful utilization through several strategy level meetings. 

These are technology costs that are associated with running the business. Our coaches work with the IT teams and business to minimize and commoditize these costs as much as possible. There is not a lot of value in "keeping the lights on" outside of its direct result. Much of these costs can be transitioned to the cloud or MSPs. Any problem statements here should be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

These are technology costs needed to grow the business. Investment is required to hire more employees, expand into new markets, acquire new services, etc. There should be a mix of outside services, like the cloud and internal resources. Business problem statements in this area involve how to expand or grow the business and how quickly. 

These are technology costs required to transform and innovate the business. Typically consisting of internal resources and bring direct competitive advantages against outside entities. Business problems in this area are highly complex and require a tremendous partnership between the business and IT. Our coaches spend most of the time working on this area to define the projects, engagement strategies, and value definitions. Innovation and transformation is a highly complex area and requires sophisticated engagement strategies to enable long-term strategy.