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Team Coaching

The teams of today are the leaders of the future. Many companies chose to promote from within to meet growth and vacancy demands. New leaders are generally chosen based on the performance of their work, which is typically technical and tactical. This sets up individuals for failure as leadership demands a unique skillset unrelated to technical skills.

It is critical that team members that are looking for career advancement into leadership are given the support to develop the needed skills to be successful. Not all team members will be looking for advancement into leadership and not all will have the necessary foundational personality to be successful. To identify and support potential future leaders we institute L&D initiatives to support sustainable leadership promotion.

  • If no L&D function exists within the organization we will help to build the team. It will be vital to long-term success that an L&D team is developed to support continuing education and growth. Our experts will work with all levels within the organization to understand the needs and requirements of the L&D function. Once assessed, hiring will begin in cooperation with internal resources if available.

    While the L&D function is created our experts will begin to assess leadership potential of selected team members. This is achieved through observation, 1-1 meetings, and long-term personal goal planning. Individuals identified as potential leaders will undergo training seminars and 1-2-1 coaching to develop their skills. Progress will be measured and reported to gain understanding on how well the individuals perform in leadership scenarios. Leadership development is a long-term process that can take one to three years. That is why it is vital to start early and invest in an L&D team, the long-term benefits will be tremendous as you help grow a positive culture of development.
  • Once an L&D function is established (or of already established) our efforts will be put towards supporting them directly. Our goal is to help develop programs that will help create a funnel for new leaders. Remember not all team members will want to become leaders and not all of those that do can. We help create positive processes that identify potential leaders, assess their potential, validate that potential and then apply/assess continuous learning. Potential leaders will be given the opportunity to lead small teams or participate in mock leadership seminars. Our experts will provide 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching as needed, however, our goal is to empower the L&D to provide these services.  At the end of this engagement, the L&D function will fully support leadership identification, development and continued support for the new leaders. This will create a sustainable positive feedback loop for the organization.