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Managing and Mitigating Stress & Anxiety

Stress can be a serious issue if unchecked and not managed. Many of us just deal with various levels of stress and don't understand its wide-reaching and negative implications until it is 
too late. Stress takes a tremendous toll on us physically and mentally. It is something we must develop the tools and techniques to manage and fight. It is so important to manage stress, some of our clients needed to make career changes to better deal with it. It is your health and your life, take control of stress by creating a balanced you.


"Stress is serious and can be a have burden on the body. I focus on pinpointing the triggers of stress and helping my clients develop customized techniques to deal with them. Every stress is different and needs to be managed at a personal level, there is no magic formula."
                                            - Michael Breckenridge, Big Box Coaching Coach



We focus on identifying stress triggers that exist in your life. Family, friends, money, there are numerous areas were stress can develop. Our coaches help you locate the stress and develop personalized techniques to combat stress. Including techniques to manage stress levels when they rise.  Work, unfortunately, creates high amounts of stress for many people. It is not just at work, emails, calls, even just thinking about work can create stress. Our coaches will work with you to identify ways to reduce stress and mitigate its impact. 



Your career is an area of your life that has a tremendous impact on your stress levels. Being in a career that is unfilling or devoid of passion can zap your energy causing internal stress impacting all areas of your life. Our coaches will help you develop a career path that will reduce stress and give you a sense of ease knowing you on the right journey.  


Reducing stress requires a balance in life fortified by stress reduction and mitigation techniques. Our coaches work with you to develop a personal toolbelt to deal with stress. Simple steps like talking walks, meditating, and getting enough sleep can help reduce your stress levels. More advanced techniques like social engagement and conflict management can help mitigate and avoid stress. Every person is different and so are the various stress levels and impacts. Our coaches work with you to identify stressors, their impact and create a customized personal stress management plan. As you strengthen your defenses to stress our coaches will be there every step of the way to help provide guidance and keep you on track.


Money was stressing me and my family out. I couldn't keep doing the same thing over and over expecting it to get better. I had to take action and turn around my situation.  

 Work was taking a toll on me and my body. I was in a career that was providing me great money but at a cost, I didn't realize. I had to make a drastic change before the stress on my body caught up with me. 
Stress to be my best was overwhelming. I thought I had to please everyone and never let anyone down. I had to develop self-reflection techniques to help manage my stress and how I engaged others.