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Coaching to Create Strong Positive Skills

Developing the right skills for work can make a huge difference in how hard you work. Poorly developed organizational skills can cause you to miss deadlines and become frantic trying to quickly get things done. The same
can go for about 2 dozen other skills and techniques used at work. Our coaches will work with you to identify the areas of improvement and create a customized skills development plan. We can start from scratch or we can hone already developed skills. We have decades of real business world experience to help balance and guide you. 


"Skills development is one of the best areas to invest in with your work. With just a little effort the rewards can be exponential in return. I always encourage my clients to keep learning and studying."
                                            - Michael Breckenridge, Big Box Coaching Coach



When developing skills we have to understand & account for your personal life as well. Many skills cross the boundary and improving one area improves the other. By supporting both work & life we can ensure skills stick & bring the most value.  Work skills are numerous and all bring tremendous value. However, deciding on which skills to focus on can be a challenge. Our coaches will work with you to understand the biggest gaps and create a customized coaching plan for you. 



  When we talk work skills we need to understand the business you work for. Developing skills while in alignment with what the business needs will deliver more value. That translates into more success at work.


Skills coaching focuses on three areas of your life; achieving, connecting and thriving. Our coaching focuses on the achieving first as we help you do more, with less. As we develop your achieving skills, eventually you need to connect with others to continue growing. Together we can achieve so much more and tap into the power of numbers. Eventually, as you start to master achieving and connecting we work in thriving so that you can continue to self-regulate and grow. Our goal isn't to coach you forever but to build you up so that you can coach yourself. Your success is our success!


Developing my organizational and task management skills have given me so much more time. It took a huge stress off of my shoulders. 

 Email has always been a challenge for me with my communication. Developing new skills on how to engage, and not to, through email has been a great experience.
Leading a team of 42 engineers can be difficult. Learning new leadership skills has freed up so much time I can actually spend time on strategy! 


Our coaches offer other work-related services as needed and requested by you. We will even help to identify those services and create customized coaching plans to meet your needs. We have an extensive list of services that we offer to cover every professional and every professional situation. 


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