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Professional Resume Services

In today's society, employers are looking for applicants to be experts for a posted position. You have 8 seconds to capture their attention and be put into the shortlist. Your resume is your first impression and the single most important piece when searching for a new opportunity. A well-designed resume directly equates to how many callbacks you will receive. Combine our Resume Services with Professional Presence to increase your chances of landing your dream job that will result in a passion for your career and monetary success along with it. 

We take a three-pillar approach when creating your perfect resume. Each step is crucial to ensure we develop a resume that is your perfect first impression. It needs to capture your inspirations, passions, and the value you will bring to the company. We don't just want to find you another job; our mission is to match you to a career that makes you happy to go to work every day. Sound impossible? It isn't - and it's the dream.

  1. We set up a meeting with you to discuss your career and where you are in your journey. It is important to our coaches that we understand you and what kind of job you desire. That will help with the resume design and our ability to position your resume to support the in-person interview you get. Many resume services look at just the resume itself, but we believe in a holistic approach. Your resume is just one step on the path to landing your dream job. If that resume doesn't support the next steps you could be setting yourself up for failure. 
  2. We create a resume design that represents your personality and the career you want. A resume is more than a collection of strengths, experience and achievements. It is an extension of who you are and the value you bring to a potential employer. Having a highly formatted and plain looking resume may be great for an executive position at a fortune 500 company. However, the design needs to be completely different for a highly creative or startup-type career. We look at all the details, like recommending printing on 100% recycled paper if being environmentally friendly is important to you. We include the icon on your resume to highlight that value and to certain employers, it will help get you on the shortlist. 
  3.  We give you advice with the delivery of the resume. It is important to us that you are set up for success. Delivering just a resume doesn't satisfy our mission. Our coaches will give you advice on the next steps you should take. We advise you on steps from where to post your resume to which companies are actively hiring that you should target. If we are partnering with you on your professional presence we will begin aligning that with your new resume. If we are not, we will give you advice on what areas of your professional presence can be improved.  

Time is a precious commodity. Juggling work, life, and everything in between can leave little time for job hunting. Our coaches can assist with job searching by curating jobs daily or even sending off applications on your behalf. Life is short and finding the perfect job can be a daunting task. Let our coaches help you by finding the best opportunities, customizing your resume and cover letter, and delivering both in physical and electronic formats.