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Building Meaningful Positive Relationships

Building meaningful relationships that bring value is a challenge. We all can usually communicate with others and even persuade to get what we want. However, building truly meaningful relationships is a challenge and 
something we all try to achieve at some level. Relationships help us reduce stress, enjoy life and further our careers. They are vital but we don't always give them the attention needed to derive value. 


"The first step in building positive relationships is to not expect something in return. If you want to build truly genuine relationships you need to give yourself to others without expecting anything in return."
                                            - Troy Puyear, Big Box Coaching Coach



With life, we focus on developing positive relationships within your orbit. Family, friends, and neighbors all play a critical role. They help center and balance you acting as a support structure when needed. Building positive value-based relationships in life is critical to your success.  Building positive relationships and partnerships at work is critical to your success. It is extremely rare today that anyone can achieve total success without the help of others. We help you identify which relationships to build and how to go about that. Our coaches will then help you sustain and maintain the relationships you work so hard to develop. 



In your career networking will mean success or failure. You must develop the skills to network and build meaningful relationships. Those relationships will build into opportunities and ultimately long-term success. Our coaches will help you build networking skills and overcome any fears you may have.   


Building meaningful relationships based on trust and respect deliver the greatest value. They require a level of authenticity and vulnerability which can be difficult to develop. Our coaches work with you to create a wheel of positive relationships to understand how you are achieving the primary areas of relationship building. Balanced relationships require that all aspects are tended to and that you reinforce those areas with consistency and intention. Whether it is life, work or networking for your career, you must employ a balanced approach to keep your life balanced. 


I have always been a strong introvert, relationships just aren't my thing. However, I knew if I didn't change it would limit my potential. 

 I never thought about networking, I figured success would come through my dedication and hard work. When I saw others passing me by I knew I had to take action to get more from my career.
Relationships have always been hard for me. I tend to disengage when things get tough and people push me. I had to develop new techniques to ensure I stay engaged and contribute more.