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Coaching Programs 

We also offer customized coaching programs. These are highly customized coaching scenarios to meet a specific need. Coaching programs are unique and do not always involve direct coaching. Our coaches span industries, experience levels and personalities. That gives us the opportunity to provide services that meet your specific needs. Here are some examples of programs we have developed for our clients.

  • Skills assessment and gap analysis. We performed a detailed leadership skills assessment for an executive leadership team. The report was delivered to the CEO with recommended training and organizational improvements. The program was credited for accelerating a corporate transformation project.
  • Strategy planning sessions. Our coaches have facilitated many strategic planning sessions. By having an outside participant leading the sessions they become highly focused and efficient. We have been invited back each year to several of our client's strategy sessions.
  • Transformation assessments. Many businesses and large departments are undertaking transformational initiatives. The challenge is ensuring that your business is ready for a transformation and how to sustain it. We have helped several successful transformations, including many Digital Transformations of IT departments. 
  • Leadership workshops. We can facilitate or plan and deliver leadership workshops. Our catalog of workshops is extensive and customizable. One of our most popular workshops is on leadership styles and personalities. We can help identify leadership personalities to improve communication and cooperation. 

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