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Your Professional Presence

Today we are all connected more than ever, in many different ways. Your professional presence is the digital version of you and the first thing a potential employer will see. Unfortunately, your control of that presence is limited and gaining more control can be very time-consuming. For example, friends of friends can post content that includes you and could contain remarks or images that you do not want potential employers seeing. It is critical to understand the makeup of your professional presence and what potential employers might see. 

The most successful people in today's marketplace understand that they are a brand. Online presence, reputation, and information are critical to your success. 

Professional Presence Mapping
Our coaches utilize advanced search techniques and tools to locate all references to you and your name. We identify areas of concern that can be worked on to ensure your professional presence is putting your best foot forward. 

Content Management
Your online presence is yours but controlling that content can be difficult. Negative pictures, information, even false information can live on the internet forever. Our coaches work diligently to remove negative content through Terms and Conditions/Guidelines Violations, DMCA takedown requests, Cease and Desist Letters and other means to protect your reputation. 

Search Engine Optimization
Our coaches will implement a strategy to optimize your positive professional presence. When a potential employer searches your name, they will see the positive stories and information you want them to see. We work with search engines to optimize your professional presence while burying any information you don't approve of.

Your Professional Presence Home
Resumes are no longer effective on their own as a means to get your dream job. You need to stand out from the flood of resumes and emails potential employers will receive. Today everyone is online and mobile. Your resume should be an attention grabber that drives them to your professional website. Once there your professionally created website will capture their attention. 97% of our clients get an interview within just three days of sending out their resume. In every instance, the interviewer positively discussed our client's online presence.  

Whether your goal is the dream job that inspires you or you just need to find a job fast, our professional presence services can help you get there. Spamming resumes isn't effective and neither is hoping to stand out in a crowd. You need to take action and drive employers to you. With a strong positive professional presence, our clients get more calls from recruiters and employers than with traditional methods. Let us know if you're ready to take that next step.