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Developing and Supporting Positive Habits

We help you develop positive habits that are elastic and enduring. Imbalance and stress in any part of your life can cause good habits to break. By focusing on all aspects of your life balance is achieved that
creates strong, reinforced habits.  For example, an imbalance with work can create stress that causes you to eat unhealthily. An imbalanced career can cause you to be subconsciously frustrated and fight with family.  Creating a positive habit loop goes beyond a siloed focus, habits must be created as a fabric of your whole self. 


"My goal is to identify what is important in each of your life areas. What are your goals, passions, & stress triggers. We work on creating a habit loop plan based on cues and triggers to reinforce positive habits."
                                            - Troy Puyear, Big Box Coaching Coach



We focus on your life goals, passions, and stress triggers. Postive life habits must be built on a solid foundation tied to life goals. They must also have a low initiation energy to be sustainable. Our coaching will help you focus on identifying what you need to focus on to be successful Work can be a source of potential good habits and also sabotaging stress. It is important to develop supporting good habits at work to create balance. For example, if a good habit is eating healthy, your work life needs to support that through snacks and eating management. Habit loops don't stop at one aspect of your self. 


Imbalance with your career creates frustration and high-stress levels. By not acknowledging issues in this area of your life you create a situation for habits to fail. We work with you to identify where you are on your career journey and ensure this area of your life is in balance ready to support good habits.  For some business is life, for others, it is part of the work they do. Regardless, we all have responsibilities to some sort of business. We work with you to identify how you are supporting the business you work and how that business is supporting you. By making it a balanced symbiotic relationship you can develop great habits. 


To form positive habits and break bad ones, our coaches help you identify your habit loops. We often start at the routine, since that is the easiest to describe and "see". Our coaches will help you identify the routine and what about it you would like to change. That could be a new routine, elimination of vices from within a routine or the elimination of the routine altogether. Next, we help identify the reward that is supporting the routine. This gets a little more complex and requires advanced coaching techniques. Lastly, we assist in identifying the cue(s) that triggers the routine to run. In many situations these are subconscious and something that will require a lot of self-reflection and review. Our coaches are there to help with every step. 


I wanted to create more meaningful personal connections with others. I had a bad habit of dismissing people quickly which made them upset with me. 

 I had a bad snacking issue that was sabotaging my diet. It was my mission to find out how I could fix my negative habit loop. 
My sleeping habits were horrible. I always woke up sleepy, cranky and could barely get myself to work. I had to find a way to get better sleep and improve my routine.