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Balanced Business Planning and Operations

Building successful business operations requires concise business planning tied into strategy. Our coaches assist with defining the current state of business operations and identifying areas of improvement and efficiencies. 
Together we work on the development of a business plan that creates strong operations and ultimately happy productive employees. Operations requires a strong focus on the work being done and how that is tied to the success and strategy of the business. 


"Business operations is the end result of the business plan. A well-crafted plan that focuses on the work and people creates strong business operations and long-term value.  "
                                            - Tony Mickle, Big Box Coaching Coach



Business operations is ultimately about the work that is getting done. It reinforces a focus defined in the business strategy and facilitates KPIs to measure success. Our coaches help define the work and ensure it is aligned with business strategy.  Our coaches work with you to ensure the business is supporting operations. Strategy, mission, vision, value, even leadership is vital to strong positive operations. All elements must be in balance to drive long-term value and success. 


Business planning starts with information gathering. Unless you are starting from the beginning you probably have operations that are in place. Gaps can exist between what is thought to be done and what is really done in operations. Depending on the size of the business and operation elements we spend a lot of focus on defining leadership, talent, and overall visioning. It is vital that the business support operations and define its value. Our coaches will then work on defining elements of change to modify business operations and measure its success. This usually takes several passes to achieve the final goal. Change can be delicate and it is best to implement small changes over time. 


I thought I knew how my business was operating. Once we started to dig into what was actually being done we found a ton of operational improvements that translated to millions saved over several years. 

 Business planning is so important in setting up a successful business. It was critical to me that I didn't have to get pulled into the weeds to support it and focus on long-term strategy. 
Developing an international business plan and operations was a daunting task. Our team kept getting struck with indecision and we needed help to focus or individual visions into a grand plan.