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Create Your Positive Life-Work Balance 

Balancing life and work can be a difficult challenge. Businesses are demanding more of workers, technology makes having boundaries difficult and at times impossible. In general, we are 
being asked to do more, faster and better. This creates layers of challenges trying to balance your personal life and work life. Both halves are still your life, but boundaries need to exist to manage the two very important halves. Achieving true life-work balance is hard, but we are here to help you realize it. 


"Life and work are integral parts of who we are and how we see ourselves. It is unrealistic to fully separate the two. However, we need to realize when to turn down one part to fully engage and enjoy the other."
                                            - Tony Mickle, Big Box Coaching Coach



Your personal life needs to be separated from your work life through clear boundaries. To achieve that technology must be controlled and life stressors need to be managed. Balance in your personal life will help achieve natural separation from work.  Work is an integral part of who you are and if you are getting fulfillment from work that is even truer. However, work still creates stress and requires levels of concentration. It is important to create boundaries and know when work should not invade personal life activities.


The first step in creating a life-work balance is to realize you must make time for yourself. That time is critical to creating boundaries and sticking to them. Next, work stops at the office. To achieve that you may need to implement technology to help you work smarter, have candid conversations with your boss and if needed turn technology off when you leave work. Our coaches can help you wrangle in technology or use it to its maximum technology. We will help you prepare for a candid conversation with your boss to help communicate work challenges, in general, and with life boundaries. We are here to help you develop strong, elastic and enduring boundaries to support your sanity. 


Work and school were how I always valued my worth. The more I worked the better I thought I felt. It wasn't until I started to ask questions about my future I realized how unbalanced my life had become. 

 Work was constantly invading my personal life and I couldn't find a way to create sustainable boundaries. Eventually, I had to have a difficult conversation with my boss which worked amazingly well. 
My family is really big on work, they tend to be old school on what work and life means. I had to have some hard conversations with my family and eventually switch careers which balanced out my life and I feel great.