Big Box Coaching

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Individual Coaching

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible to expand their leadership potential. We offer individual career and leadership coaching. These are highly specialized engagements based on the individual's needs maximized to achieve the greatest results. Whether you are a graduate getting ready to enter the workforce or a seasoned leader we can develop a coaching plan customized to your career goals. 

  • Email can be the most convenient method to deliver coaching lessons for busy executives. We provide daily tips, weekly reminders and timely engagements of coaching questions. We know you can be extremely busy so our team is just an email and a few minutes away from an answer. 
  • Video Conferencing / Phone is a highly effective alternative to in-person meetings. We utilize the video conferencing technology that works best for you to deliver impactful meetings. Scheduling is flexible to meet your needs and timeline. 
  • In-person meetings are the most effective method of coaching meetings. It allows our team to directly engage you in a personalized setting. It could be a business lunch or a meeting at your office. We are flexible to meet your schedule and individual needs. 

We will customize the right curriculum based on your needs and availability. In many cases, we utilize a combination of the above engagement methods to deliver you successful sessions. Contact us for more information and to discuss how we can help you with your career goals.