Big Box Coaching

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Individual Coaching Services

We offer individual career and life coaching services. You don't have to be part of a business to need or afford our services. Our goal is to coach anyone to be their best and become inspirational beacons for positive world change. We are honored for the opportunity to help everyone as we achieve that goal. Whether you are a graduate looking for career advice, a seasoned leader that needs advice or someone going through a difficult time we are here to serve. Our services can be customized to fit your individual needs. 

  • Hourly services are where you define the length and number of engagements that are needed. We can add and remove sessions as needed to truly customize the service. This approach works best if you just need a few coaching sessions. 
  • Packaged services are where we create an engagement scope and goals to meet your individual needs. We will set up milestones and an end date to achieve those goals we have defined. The number of engagements and time commitments aren't individually billed, instead, you have one single predictable cost. We provide weekly updates and milestone reviews to ensure we remain on target. This approach works best if you need long-term coaching engagement. 
  • Monthly subscriptions allow you access to a Big Box Coach anytime you need one. We are here to help you through a big presentation, life changes, or career decisions. You will also get access to a customized portal where you can access our library of coaching resources. This approach works great for anyone, as it gives easy coaching access at a low monthly cost. 

Contact Us for more information about any of our services or to set up a no-cost consultation.