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Planning Together to Meet Your Career Goals

When you have a career vision or path, it is critical to set goals to achieve that career. Almost every career requires you to achieve these goals to enter into the career or be successful. Technical careers require certifications, business careers require certain degrees. No matter
the career you will need to set and achieve goals. Our coaches will help you understand what goals you should set and along what timeline. We don't always have the answer for every career, and that is ok. We do the research and reach out to contacts in that career to help you. Our coaches are industry veterans with decades of experience to assist you with your journey.


"Setting goals is a vital part of career development. So many people don't think about it. I love it when working with a client and they realize the power of goal setting and the impact it will have on them."
                                            - Troy Puyear, Big Box Coaching Coach



We focus on setting goals that will meet your career journey and your life goals. It is important that your career supports your life and the two are kept in balance. Our coaches will work on you to determine your life passions and how your career journey will support them. We then create a timetable that makes sense and is in align with what you want.  The goals we help you set will be created to meet the career you want. If additional schooling, certifications or other work is required we will be upfront and honest. Our coaches act as impartial trusted advisors. If your career aspirations are misaligned with the work that is needed we let you know. Our goal is to make sure you are successful. 



  A career is part of a business and therefore goals need to consider the business aspects. For those in a career, we help set goals that will also help your business life. If you aren't yet in a career we will suggest goals that will help you with your resume and get you at the top of the candidate list. 


Our coaches used the S.M.A.R.T method in goal setting. This is a method also used in many corporate organizations so it will help you in your work and business life as well. We start with creating specific goals in alignment with your career journey. We then ensure the goals are measurable, what will success look like when it is achieved so that you know when it is done. This also allows you to realize and celebrate success, which is vital. Next , we ensure the goals are realistic by making sure you can achieve them and that they are relevant to your career journey. The final step is to make them time-bound to ensure you keep priority to them. Our coaches frequently schedule follow-ups in alignment with goal deadlines. It helps keep you accountable and on target. 


Goal setting has never been my strong point. Setting long-term goals in support of my career was nearly impossible for me. I needed help in defining them and sticking to them. 

 It was important for me to have someone pushing me along my career journey. I do pretty well defining my path, the challenge is sticking to it. 
I created goals in support of my career but one day realized they weren't getting me where I wanted to go. Once I focused on creating SMART goals everything fell into place for me.