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Your Needs Control Your Potential

Your a human, at least I am assuming you are and not a cat trying to pretend to be a human. And as a human you have basic needs. We all do, its part of being human. If you are hungry you think of little else until you eat. Or you get uncontrollably hangry and nobody wants to hang around you. The point is, you have needs and if they are not met your internal drive is to satisfy that need before anything else.

We all strive to meet those needs every day, or at least feel like we are or will. Thankfully we don't have to hunt for our food, we just walk over to the nearest fast food palace and exchange money for food. Or exchange it for invisible money at a small interest, life is wonderful and mysterious. I bring up the food reference because it is one of those basic needs. There are three in total with two more advanced needs.

  1. Psyiological
  2. Safety
  3. Social
  4. Self-Esteem
  5. Self-Actualization

When we meet those needs, there is a quality aspect as well, magic starts to happen. Our growth potential, engagement, happiness, overall satisfaction, passion, drive, inspiration, the list goes on all start to rise...significantly. That is because our primitive reptile brain is happy and ready to take on new exciting challenges.

Life-Coaching Tip

Make sure you take control of satisfying your needs when you can. Eat a good healthy breakfast, develop a positive and safe environment of people around you (as possible), engage in positive and inspiring social contact. The more you take control of in your life the more fulfilled you will feel.

Work-Coaching Tip

Leaders, focus on meeting the needs of your teams and organizations. Making sure your teams have their basic needs met means they can concentrate on more inspiring and engaging activities. Promote a healthy culture, positive engagements and career paths. That will ensure your teams are running at their full potential.

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