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Business transformation is a hot topic, actually it has always been a hot topic. It is something that has always been part of business. Technology and people are the driving forces behind it. Even though it has been around forever, and every company goes through it, so many leaders are challenged by it.

Here are some quick tips to tackle the challenges of business transformation. If you need assistance with transformational leadership, schedule a coaching sessions with us.

  • Create an inspiring vision. This is the most critical aspect of a successful transformation. The vision must resonate with your employees, all of them. Here is the hard part, how do you create a vision that speaks to everyone, especially for larger organizations. Make sure the vision inspires action and doesn't just ring hollow.
  • Embrace transparency. There is much debate as to how much transparency is a good thing. The answer is dependent on the environment that exists. In general you want to achieve the most transparency as possible. Transparency doesn't mean telling everyone everything, it can be as simple as consistent and authentic engagement.
  • Communicate the strategy. Vision is a generalized end state goal sometime in the future. Strategy is the tactical things that need to happen in a shorter time frame in relation to the Vision. Specifically for transformation, communicate the strategy to accomplish the transformation you want to achieve. Ensure the strategy inspires people and their actions. Like the vision, you don't want the strategy to ring hollow.
  • Trust your employees. Successful transformations require people, don't remove them from the equation. Seek feedback and stay engaged with employees. They are your best thermometer to determine how the transformation is proceeding and where the risks are. The most successful transformations have been carried out by CEOs that have been highly engaged with employees at all levels.
  • Know when to rip off the bandage. Culture changes are some of the hardest changes a company can make. With difficult transformations like culture sometimes you need to make drastic quick changes to point the ship in the right direction. No matter the size of your company you can quickly right the ship if it is required.

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