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Task Management - Tips and Tricks

Information is not slowing down, engagement channels are growing and the world is getting more complex. Its a recipe for INFORMATION OVERLOAD! Leaders, and everyone needs more task management skills to deal with the evolving disruption that is leaking into our lives.

Leader Tip: If you have the ability, limit email load on your teams and business. In today's business climate email is a near constant. People with poor task and time management skills impact others even with strong skills. You can place limits on when emails can be sent to minimize information overload. Getting emails at 8:00pm at night causes stress and breaks down good task management systems.

  1. Find a system that works for you. The only stipulation, do not use email. Email is a source of stress for many and will cause subconscious blocks for you. I use Todoist because it works on nearly everywhere you need it. You can use whatever works for you.
  2. Projects? Most task management systems can accommodate projects. It's up to you to determine the value of having projects in your task management system. Project folders are a good idea if you lead a lot of teams or have long term or high priority projects. I coach leaders to use projects as a way to perform weekly reviews. That allows them to stay on top of the projects without always having to ask for updates.
  3. Labels are vital. If your task management system does not have labels, get a new one. They help you organize your tasks in a way that makes it easy for you to take action on the tasks. You can use labels to target different aspects of your life; home, work, roles like father or mother. Use labels to tag the energy level of the task. That could be a high, medium, low or go by personality needed like; leadership, GTD or creative. There is even more you can use labels like priority and action.
  4. Filters are where you will be everyday. Use filters in combinations with labels and projects to create your areas of focus. Set filters by location, type, energy level, priority, or any way that makes sense for you. You can also use filters to perform weekly and daily reviews of certain areas, teams, business units, the sky's the limit. By using filters to their full potential you tame the information overload beast and gain back your sanity.

With any task management system it is vital to set aside time to manage it. The time needed should be small and limited. At Big Box Coaching we recommend setting 30 minutes aside in the morning and 1 hour at the end of work. Throughout the day feed items from email and other communication channels into the inbox of your task management system. At the end of the day sort those emails including applying labels for the next day.

Its amazing the feeling of relief you will get when you tame your tasks and implement a task management system that works for you. If you would like help with your task management system or just need some coaching head over to Big Box Coaching and reach out to us. Our coaches can help you through email, video conference or in person.

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