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Personality Types

DiSC and other personality measurement tools are a great way to understand how you interact with others and how others interact with you. For leaders the tools are invaluable in creating well rounded healthy teams and companies. The saying "too many cooks in a kitchen" is another way of saying you have too many D personality types working together. Having too many of one personality type can be a killer for anything. Too many Ds and direction is all over the place. Too many i personalities and and there is a lot of doing but not a lot of completing. Too many Ss and nothing gets done other then a lot of socializing and support. Too many Cs and it is paralysis through analysis. The goal is to ensure you have the right mix of personalities in your company, team, meeting, anywhere.

Leadership tip, great leaders understand personality types and lead to them. In a board meeting I had a leader discuss how he handles personality type with his team. It was a great coaching opportunity and learning moment. The leader exclaimed enthusiastically that he hires people that understand his personality and mold themselves around it. There are many issues with that statement, the biggest is around the makeup of his team. The leader was a D personality and he got along great with C personalities and ok with i personalities. The team he created had a few enthusiastic team members and a bunch of analytical members. The result was when he was present meetings were productive and he thought the team was doing great. In reality, when he wasn't directly involved the C and i personalities conflicted heavily. It caused tension and ultimately failure. First, he should have hired S personalities to help be the glue of the team and bridge the gaps between the i and C personalities. He could have hired a D personality, however that would have caused direct conflict with himself, he was a highly involved leader. Second he should have learned the greatest tool any leader can learn, flexibility.

What I mean by flexibility is the the ability to alter your personality type to fit the situation. It's a technique that is very difficult to learn and even harder to master. The biggest challenge is the level of self-awareness and humbleness that is required. For example, let's say you are holding a staff meeting and some of your team members are not there. The ones that are there are all S personality types, and you are a D. That meeting is not going to go well. The S types want to be supportive and discuss the social aspect of the topic. You, being the D, want to discuss the action, results and how quickly you can get there. As the leader you need to alter your personality in that situation to either be a C or i depending on what the team needs at that moment. If you are advanced in the technique you can even switch between a C and i as needed through the meeting. Again this is very difficult and can stretch leaders to their max. However, if you can master the technique it becomes an invaluable tool.

Quick Tips

D personalities are driven by emotion and action. They work well with C and i personalities but conflict with S personalities. Their strong match are C personalities.

i personalities are driven by facts and enthusiasm. They work well with D and S personalities but conflict with C personalities. Their strong match are S personalities.

S personalities are driven by emotion and support. They work well with C and i personalities but conflict with D personalities. Their strong match are i personalities

C personalities are driven by facts and analytics. They work well with D and S personalities but conflict with i person. Their strong match are D personalities.

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