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Our firm has been seeing an uptick in the number of clients looking for personal transformation. The majority are looking to make a career change. It is an interesting trend that appears to be fueled by how employees are being engaged in the last few years. In general small companies and startups are doing a good job positively engaging employees. Larger, established companies are struggling a bit to transform culture and provide a positive environment for employees. This is partly due to years of nominal employee growth and a much different emerging workforce. If you are a business leader and looking for coaching to help improve culture and employee moral reach out to us,

The journey of personal transformation in relation to a career change requires specific actions to ensure success. Long past are the days of a resume update and attitude switch. Social media and the growth of the internet require a focus on all aspects of your online presence. Here are some tips to get you started on your journey.

  1. Confirm what drives your passion. It isn't always possible but you want to do something you are truly passionate about. Does it motivate you to get out of bed each morning? Do not take a leadership position because it is the next step and pays well. If you aren't passionate about it, success will be hard and at a great cost.
  2. Cleanup your online presence. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Potential employers (even internal promotions) are increasingly looking at online presences to determine if someone is a good fit. Your personality even your EQ can be determined by how you present yourself online.
  3. Create a resume website. It is easy to do and allows you to tell your story. Resumes need to be a 1 page attention grabber that drives potential employers to your resume website. On the website you can go into details of your experience and create introductory videos on how you would be a great employee. If you have a specific company in mind you want to work for create a customized landing page on your resume site or tailor the whole thing for that position.
  4. Create marketing materials. Consider your resume marketing material promoting you. Most marketing materials are attention grabbers driving action to a website or other platform. Your resume should do the same. Get personal business cards, maybe stress toys marketing you. All of this can be done with minimal investment but have a huge impact.

The reality is we are in a era of constant online connectivity and information overload. For you to break through the background noise you need to have passion and a strong purpose built online presence. Back that up with personal marketing techniques and the world of opportunity is yours.

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