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Digital Transformation Services

We are entering a new era that will see dramatic productivity increases but will demand much from the businesses that will lead that change. Our coaches have been working with clients for years and we see that change taking shape. It is our mission to continue the focus on digital efficiency so that leaders and businesses can be empowered and inspired. 

Digital transformation is one of those changes that is starting to sweep the IT, now called Digital business world. Businesses are taking advantage of cloud-based services to transform the way they are engaging and doing business. It's a high stakes transformation, rewarding those businesses that can execute well with tremendous competitive advantages. However, for those businesses that are unable to perform the transformation, it could mean years of setback or ruin.  

Our coaches have worked with clients at both ends of the spectrum of Digital Transformation. In every case, the key success factor was the strategy that was employed to achieve the goal. The defining failure for those businesses that could not achieve the transformation was a focus on the technology above all else. We work with all aspects of the business to deploy a comprehensive strategy that will ensure success no matter the size of the business. 

The first step to a successful digital transformation is to ensure you have the right culture. People need to be open to change, understand the common goal that is to be achieved and engage in authentic open communication. Without having the right people with the right attitude the digital transformation will immediately encounter tremendous roadblocks. Our coaches work with the business to develop a people strategy plan that focuses on the right culture and the right people to make the transformation successful.

The second step is to define critical processes that will support and empower the transformation. The greatest value of digital transformations is moving workloads to the cloud, commoditizing "run costs". In order to achieve that goal, you have to have the people to define the process and customize it to be ready for the cloud. Our coaches work with technical teams to define processes and customize them for cloud integration.   

The final step in the strategy is to select the technology that will be used to accomplish the Digital Transformation. In many cases, this will be the cloud technology to be selected, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Our coaches will work the Digital and Business teams to select the most appropriate strategy. We suggest an approach that is cloud provider independent allowing the business to adjust to price changes as needed. It's like changing electricity providers for your home, take advantage of the provider that is offering the best rate for your use case. For businesses, it is being able to switch to any cloud provider based on the on-demand needs of the workloads.