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Improving Collaboration to Deliver Success

Collaboration is the heart and soul of anything that requires any level of teamwork. Our coaches help build strong collaboration for you and throughout your organization. That unlocks the power in numbers and creates
a learning organization. Positive collaboration requires trust, a healthy culture and the right mix of technology. If any of these elements are unbalanced collaboration becomes negative. We specialize in helping people and organizations improve collaboration skills, unlocking tremendous potential. 


"Collaboration is what makes us so productive and has fueled the scientific advancements we enjoy today. There is no single person that can carry anything alone and deliver sustainable value."
                                            - Troy Puyear, Big Box Coaching Coach



Collaboration starts with the people and how they want to collaborate. The idea of communication and collaboration has changed dramatically in the last several decades. It is set to change even more in the next decade with the new workforce. Our coaches can help businesses, leaders, & individuals prepare for that change and define its impact.  Collaboration changes the way we work and how effective it is. Reinventing the wheel, or just misalignment has a severe impact on productivity and ultimately employee happiness. Our coaches will work on defining strategies and technologies to improve the way you work. By balancing people and the work they do positive collaboration can occur. 



  Collaboration must support the business and operating model. Having a remote workforce is a great idea and empowers employees, but it has to be in alignment with the business. Our coaches will work on implementing collaboration models and technology in a controlled, manageable way to ensure business alignment and balance. 


Collaboration requires a mix of techniques and supporting technologies to be in balance and bring value. Trust is the single most important ingredient in a successful collaboration model. Without trust, other areas begin breaking down and negatively impacting people and eventually culture. Our coaches will work with you to measure the level of trust that exists today and identify any gaps that need applied planning to improve. With a solid foundation of trust, we can begin improving teamwork, sharing models, support, and assistance. The goal of collaboration is to make everyone successful and happier with the work they do. By working together we can achieve greatness we never knew was possible. 


Technology was starting to strangle our communication and teamwork. People stopped interacting in positive ways. We had to change the way we were doing things to drive better collaboration. 

 Collaboration is something you can take for granted. You just expect people to work together & get something done. It wasn't until I saw what balanced & meaningful collaboration was that I realized it's value. 
I have always struggled with working groups, I tend to be very dominant with others. Once I started applying new techniques my collaboration with others became very positive and helped me grow.