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Coaching Domains

Choosing the right domain is crucial to maximizing the benefit from leadership coaching. We do not recommend engaging multiple domains at the same time unless a dramatic and immediate change is needed. The issue with multi-domain coaching is the stress it puts upon the organization as a whole. Organizational change management is key to understanding how much change is allowable and how quickly that change can occur. In almost every case multi-domain coaching will stress the organization and minimize any value that is achieved.

We engage executive leaders both established and new to help drive employee happiness and engagement, resulting in improved productivity. Our executive coaching programs aren't just for current executives, we have helped coach individuals with the desire to become executive leaders as well. 

Mid-Level leadership layers contain some of the greatest potentials for coaching engagement. Culture changes are the most impactful at this level and help drive transformational change. We also assist in identifying leadership potential for potential promotion or role expansion. Some of the greatest leaders for a company are already working for the company. 

Team layers impact culture the most as they represent the largest employee base closest to where culture begins. Leadership isn't just for designated leaders within the organization. Leadership and change management often begins with the team layers. In this domain, we utilize group coaching sessions to develop teams and identify individual potential leaders.

We also provide coaching to individuals in highly customized engagements. You don't have to be part of an organization, we offer personalized coaching for both long-term or short-term needs. Our services include email, video or in-person discussions.