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Value Driven Career Transformation Coaching

Sometimes we take a career journey that doesn't deliver the inspiration we thought it should have. Maybe we change enough to create an imbalance or
maybe the business or industry changes. We get lost and feel stuck in a career that isn't right for us. Hope isn't lost, our coaches will work with you to craft a path forward, transformation your career into something that does drive inspiration and life passion. We work with you to identify your current situation and needs so that we can craft a safe and exciting career transformation.


"Transformation isn't a failure, in most cases it's a signal of growth and a new chapter your life. It isn't something to be feared but to be embraced and celebrated."
                                            - Michael Breckenridge, Big Box Coaching Coach



When creating a vision of your future your life passions are critical to your long-term success. We help map out and define your passions in life including what you are good at. We can then narrow down careers that will bring you fulfillment. With every career option, there is a work path you will take. It is important that the work you will do is in balance with your life and passion. Our coaches work with you to map out the work and career you desire to ensure it is in alignment with your goals. 


Imbalance with your career creates frustration and high-stress levels. That is why it is critical to select a career that is fulfilling and aligned with your life goals. Our coaches will help you select the right career for your unique talents.   Career transformations need to be in balance with the business you have or work for today. For most people you cannot just up and leave the work and business you do. This has to be taken into consideration with careful planning and alignment. 


To implement a successful career transformation you need to understand your past and map it to your future. Every transformation is highly unique and requires advanced levels of coaching. Our coaches use techniques that can be generalized into two areas. We use internal clarification to identify the past and define where you have come. That is mapped to inspired exploration where we think about the many possibilities of where you can go. Through careful discussion, planning and this mapping exercise, we craft a unique transformation that meets your life goals. It is vital to use that your new career gives you a feeling of inspiration and amplify the passions that lie within you. 


I jumped right into the workforce without thinking about my career. I got stuck and needed someone to throw me a lifeline to help give me direction. 

 Working in the technology industry took a heavy toll on me. One day I just had enough and had to make a change before my health started failing. Money wasn't important, family is what drove my life change.
I thought I was doing what I loved and for a while I did. One day I woke up miserable and right then I knew I had to do something.