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Developing a Successful Long-Term Strategy

Our coaches help build strong business strategies that achieve specific goals to support the organization's long-term vision. We understand that clear strategic direction, at any organizational level, is vital to the alignment and growth
potential of the business. We all need a strategy in our lives to stay focused and on the right path. A well-developed business and personal strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. 


"Strategic development begins with a clearly defined vision, and proper goal setting. From that point we will work together to analyze your current reality, explore options, and develop a working plan to turn your vision into an actionable reality."
                                            - Michael Breckenridge, Big Box Coaching Coach



Any successful strategy must account for the real lives of you and your employees. Strategy devoid of a focus on the people aspect of your organization is one that will ultimately fail or create a negative culture. Our coaches will help develop a strategic plan that is aligned with the personal side of your organization.  We help bridge the gap between what is being done in the business today with where it is going, or needs to go. That is the essential foundation of business strategy. Our coaches will help identify strategic risks, explore options for realizing your organization's strategic goals, and develop the plan for a way forward that will lead actionable operations processes. 


One of the best ways to create, and sustain, a motivated workforce is to actively consider the professional development, and personal growth, of said workforce. When this philosophy is clearly reflected in the organization's strategic initiatives it speaks volumes your employees about the level of commitment to them. This, in turn, results in professionals that help the organization grow as the organization support their growth. The ultimate goal of any business strategy is to support the sustainability and growth the business. Our coaches have decades of experience across multiple industries. We can help incorporate balance into your strategy to ensure it is sustainable, measurable, actionable, realistic, and delivers business value. 


Business strategy starts with a vision. We ask questions to formulate and define a vision. If one is created already we help challenge and strengthen it. Once we align around the vision we will start looking at the foundation of the business which is the people.  Defining current experience and knowledge to determine how strong the base is to build the strategy from. We layer on technology to understand how the business can leverage IT to drive strategy. The rest comes down to a customized analysis of the business and operational structure. Our coaches then work with you to develop a customized strategic plan around a strong mission, vision, value statement. The key is that every business is different and requires a unique customized approach to take advantage of that uniqueness. 


I started a new company and strategy wasn't something I could articulate or formalize. I needed help to take what was in my head and develop that into a winning strategy. 

 My business unit was struggling with high attrition rates and overall low morale. I had to implement a strategy that would retain good workers and drive a better culture. 
Developing a strategy with existing people can be a challenge. Reaching out and getting help brings in new ideas and energy to the process.