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Your Needs Control Your Potential

Your a human, at least I am assuming you are and not a cat trying to pretend to be a human. And as a human you have basic needs. We all do, its part of being human. If you are hungry you think of little else until you eat. Or you get uncontrollably hangr…

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Personal Transformation

Our firm has been seeing an uptick in the number of clients looking for personal transformation. The majority are looking to make a career change. It is an interesting trend that appears to be fueled by how employees are being engaged in the last few year…

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The Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Its Newton's third law of gravity. Before I lose you, YES this does have a correlation to leadership. It is important for leaders to know the impact that they have on others. Its not an exact match…

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The Secret To Success - 1 Ingredient

There is a secret ingredient that breeds success. It's like an agar for growing the strongest and healthiest of companies. The problem is that so many businesses and leaders ignore it or falsely think they have it. Without out it everyone's job becomes in…

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Leadership and Friendship

I saw a great article today that discussed the various parts of great leaders. As usual the controversial element was friendship. I have heard a lot of approaches to friendship and most leaders will tell you not to mix business and friendship. Most of the…

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Having worked with and for many leaders with different views about transparency I have seen a wide range of approaches. Each leader has had their own philosophy with transparency and so have their teams. Generally, most leaders are less then transparent, …

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Employing Failure as a Learning Tool

When my son was 3, my wife and I attended a parenting seminar. We were eager to learn from others the best way to raise a child and promote self-confidence, learning, and independence. What I learned went far beyond raising my child and helped me sharpen …

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Humanistic Leadership

Leadership in the business world can take on a myriad of definitions, but in the end, it's about making people productive. Whether you try to motivate, increase happiness, give a sense of purpose, be a servant, it is all about achieving the most productiv…

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Task Management Pointers

Task management is a slippery beast that is hard to tame and harder to master. I have spent years on my personal journey with task management and even more coaching others on theirs. The first key is to understand there is no silver bullet, like many thin…

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Coaching Tip: (W+H+W)+W

This is will be a quick coaching tip on a method I use with my clients to bring focus to their actions. This method can be used in almost any application. My approach is to teach broad methodologies and let my clients fill in the details with their unique…

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