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About Us

We established Big Box Coaching because we wanted to create a different kind of coaching business. It is our goal to go beyond inspirational words and cookie-cutter development plans. We want to develop customized journeys to inspire our clients to inspire others.

The world is rapidly changing and with it comes new challenges every single day. People are being asked to deal with more, faster and with greater ambiguity. Coaches must offer more and become partners to help their clients solve complex problems and daily challenges. It is our goal to go beyond the coaching of the past and develop a new generation of coaching. We want to inspire action, strategies and together develop your personal success story.

Established by veteran coaches with decades of real-world experience Big Box Coaching brings the experience you need to be successful. If you want to improve skills, break into a new leadership position, get through a difficult patch or just hone your techniques we are here for you. With our team of leadership coaches, we can provide services to any business in any industry, worldwide. We specialize in daily coaching interactions through, discussion, observation, and shadowing.



We focus on the latest leadership and technology methodologies and techniques so you can focus on your development as we assist your growth. 


Our Core Values, Our Approach & Our Promise


Rigidly Dependable

Our customers rely on us to be there when needed no matter the time of day or time between coaching sessions. We will work fanatically to ensure our customers have access to their coaching materials online, through any devices with a simplicity that anyone can use. Our coaches will always ensure that our customers have online access to our availability. We will ensure that we are available to meet the needs of our customers, whenever those needs arise. 


Empathetic Honesty

For coaching to be truly effective it needs to be honest. Our value is in providing honest feedback to our customers independent of any other factors related to our business. We will be honest, open and transparent with our customers to ensure they receive coaching that is never a compromise between competing agendas. 


Inspirational Passion

Our goal for every customer is to develop a passion that creates and sustains inspiration. We will work with every customer to ensure all our actions tie into their passion in a way that develops inspiration. We will further work to ensure that inspiration feeds into their passion to create positive and sustainable loops. It is important that we develop self-sustaining coaching success in all of our customers. 


Servant Partnership

We believe our primary duty is to our customers above all else. It is our requirement to protect their confidentiality, privacy, and investment in coaching. Our coaches will continuously put our customers first, by doing so we believe we can sustain success through dedicated servant lead partnerships. 


Harmonious Balance

It is our strong belief that there are multiple areas that comprise everyone's lives. Those areas need to be in balance with everything we do. There is never a single path to take or a single area to focus on. That would inherently create an imbalance in one's life. We will always work towards creating a harmonious balance in our customer's lives in support of their goals, needs, and wants. 


Creative Joy

We believe the secret to life is happiness, pure joy. Ironically we achieve it when we are young and lose sight of it as we grow. Stress, responsibilities, and other pressures create a wedge between us and our happiness. It is our desire to help our customers work towards achieving their joy through creative engagements and journeys. Our coaches always have an agenda, how can we bring joy to ​every one of our customers.